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S/No 44022
Chassis XZU311-0001297
Engine SO5D-A13295
Toyota Ipsum MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 43848
Chassis ACM21-5039786
Toyota Toyoace MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 43800
Chassis LY61-0068777
Engine 3L-3863033
S/No 40597
Chassis U30-004415
Nissan Liberty MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 39931
Chassis PM12-178576
Toyota Harrier MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 35129
Chassis MCU15
Mazda Verisa MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 35089
Chassis DC5W
Toyota Carina MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 35087
Chassis AT211
Nissan X-Trail MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 33907
Chassis NT30-139025
Engine QR20-534767A
Nissan X-Trail MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 33374
Chassis NT30-072332
Nissan Atlas MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 32116
Chassis R8F23-002169
Engine QD32-073623
S/No 32050
Chassis M100A-006480
Engine EJ-5629900
Daihatsu Terios MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 31040
Chassis J100G-007563
Engine HC-0613611
Subaru Forester MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 30770
Chassis SF5-008641
Engine EJ20-900901
Toyota Sienta MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 30545
Chassis NCP81-0014259
Engine 1NZ-A964662
Subaru Forester MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 30383
Chassis SF5-008856
Nissan March MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 30289
Chassis AK12-081960
Engine CR12-082977
Toyota Passo MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 30132
Chassis KGC10-0002583
Engine 1KR-0006190
Honda Fit/Aria MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 29740
Chassis GD8-1100244
Engine L15A-4100267
Nissan X-Trail MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 29640
Chassis NT30-051320
Engine QR20-156878A
Honda Fit/Jazz MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 29001
Chassis GD3-1701262
Engine L15A-1801545
Nissan Serena MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 24845
Chassis PC24-117194
Engine SR20-341848B
Toyota Premio MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 23779
Chassis ATZ240-5009755
Engine IAZ-546071704
Toyota Regius MUD FLAP LEFT
S/No 19969
Chassis RCH41- 0026018
Engine 3RZ-1847775
Mud Flap is a kind of guard shield which is used together with fender to help protect the vehicle, passengers, and pedestrians from splashing mud and debris coming into the car by the constant movement of tires. It is made of materials like rubber, high quality plastic, and metal which are not get spoiled from debris or road contact surface. It is basically a rectangular sheet attached back with tires or molded into the rear side of a vehicle. It core purpose is to improve airflow and reduces the chances of aerodynamic drag contact with road surface. It also provide heat venting capacity to enhance airflow and promote quick release of re-circulated water and air from the fender well to help improve performance by cooling tires and brakes.
It prevents a car from mud, snow, dirt, debris, rain water, and all kinds of stone particles thrown into a car which causes scratches to damage a vehicle.