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Air Bag is a kind of soft nylon stitched cushion fabric with filled nitrogen gas which instantly expands up during the course of collision of a car and then gradually shrinks down to provide a sense of safety for driver and passenger with having less harm and risk of serious injury.
It is a vehicle safety device attached with occupant restraint system better known as supplemental restraint system (SRS) in all modern smart cars as a standard safety feature to help provide better prevention along with tightly fastening seatbelts to firmly hold back occupants from freely falling down in sudden crash smash with having potential risks of nose, neck, and head wounds.
An Airbag is basically made up of elements like fabric airbag, inflation module, airbag cushion, and impact sensor. The electric sensor gives a signal to inflator module to swell up quickly within a time interval of milliseconds to help reduced car speed and eliminate a risk of head on strike on steering and front windscreen. It also works with a scientific law of motion to simultaneously stop a motion of a car and inside seating people and save them from serious accidental injuries.
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