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Axle is a basically a solid small metallic rod bar which firmly connects both ends of wheels for a well-balanced and a smooth flow of drive. It is a rigid shaft which is attached to the wheels and spins together for moving a vehicle forward.
The Axles are highly essential elements in a vehicle which have a purpose of carrying an entire balanced weight of a car along with its solid frame and chassis design structure. Car axle is specifically designed for all different of front, rear, and 4-wheel drive vehicles to cater a certain size and weight load capacity.
Front-wheel drive (FWD) vehicles joint together the gear box and differential transmission with the front axle into a single unit known as transaxle. Rear wheel drive (RWD) vehicles have a simple function of connecting an engine to a drive shaft and the shaft rotates the drive axle in the rear side of a vehicle. 
Axles can also be further categorized into front axle, rear axle, and stub axle. Front Axle is an axle bar fixed on the front side of wheels and designed for supporting the frontal portion of a vehicle. It provides a core function of absorbing shocks due to irregular bumpy road surfaces as well as absorbs the amount of torque due to mechanical braking system. Moreover, it also helps better steering maneuverability for a smooth powerful on-road drive experience. Rear Axle, on the other hand, balanced weight on the rear wheel side with driving push force and a torque rotating power.
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