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Brake System is an essential system used for the purpose of stopping a moving vehicle by means of converting a kinetic energy into thermal friction heat energy. It is a necessary system installed in a vehicle to give a pause to its speed of motion. 
The core function of a braking system is to help provide driving safety by preventing a vehicle from collision. It gives a control to a driver to stop a car and decrease speed with an ease of pressing his foot on a brake pedal while driving on the road. The brake system works by slightly pressing down a brake pedal with a touch of foot. When this applies, it pushes down a piston into a master cylinder filled with brake fluid which streams out liquid fuel through hoses to wheel cylinders with a hydraulic force to drag a rotor causes a friction to stop a motion of a car.
The braking system can be basically classified into Disc Brake, Drum Brake, Emergency Parking Brake, and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). In modern cars, anti-lock braking system is a necessarily installed safety feature for instantly stop a car by preventing brake locking and vehicle sliding.
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