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Lighting is defined as to light up and illuminate the place. In the automobile context, lightings can be divided into headlights and taillights. The purpose of a headlight is to provide a sharp brightness for a clear visibility for a driver especially at night time. The whitish or yellowish colored front side vehicle lights are specifically designed give a shining illumination to a near and far on-road area for drivers to see properly in the blackout pitch darkness. They are also further broadly classified into main beam, dipped beam, auxiliary lamps, front fog lamps, corner lamps, indicator lights, spot lights, parking lights, turn signal lights, side marker lights, and daytime running lights (DRL). Nowadays, LED lights are also much prevailing for energy efficiency.
Tail lights are designed to show red beam at the rear side of a vehicle which has a purpose of displaying a driving direction signal. The back lights can also be categorized into center fitted high mount stop light, brake light, rear fog light, emergency stop signal, and reverse lights. The modern cars are fitted with stylish shaped front and rear lights which emit extreme illumination with a catchy attractive display view for customers.
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