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S/No 33616
Chassis NCP60-0084585
Engine 2NZ-2657540
S/No 33528
Chassis NCP60-0099633
Engine 2NZ-2747256
Toyota Raum GEAR BOX
S/No 33448
Chassis NCZ20-0023150
Engine 1NZ-A897471
Toyota Liteace Noah GEAR BOX
S/No 33299
Chassis SR40-0122410
Engine 3S-5048311
Suzuki Escudo Grand Vitara GEAR BOX
S/No 33201
Chassis TX92W-102915
Engine H27A-107251
Toyota Passo GEAR BOX
S/No 33112
Chassis KGC10-0160924
Engine 1KR-0429731
Toyota Duet GEAR BOX
S/No 33030
Chassis M101A-003175
Engine K3-0639750
Toyota Belta GEAR BOX
S/No 32940
Chassis KSP92-1012557
Engine 1KR-0467325
Toyota Duet GEAR BOX
S/No 32045
Chassis M100A-006480
Engine EJ-5629900
Toyota Passo GEAR BOX
S/No 31955
Chassis QNC10-0091895
Engine K3-2120869
Toyota Mark II GEAR BOX
S/No 31869
Chassis GX110-6059495
Engine 1G-6966216
Toyota Passo GEAR BOX
S/No 31789
Chassis KGC10-0136237
Engine 1KR-0366478
Toyota Vitz GEAR BOX
S/No 31700
Chassis SCP10-0305353
Engine 1SZ-0765511
Toyota Voxy GEAR BOX
S/No 31611
Chassis AZR60-0227627
Engine 1AZ-1626445
Toyota Carina GEAR BOX
S/No 31510
Chassis AT212-0024409
Engine 5A-G817575
Nissan Serena GEAR BOX
S/No 31287
Chassis PC24-023903
Engine SR20-204805B
Toyota Cami GEAR BOX
S/No 31141
Chassis J111G-035411
Engine EF-6597161
Daihatsu Terios GEAR BOX
S/No 31035
Chassis J100G-007563
Engine HC-0613611
Toyota Porte GEAR BOX
S/No 30865
Chassis NNP10-0006389
Engine 2NZ-3318998
Subaru Forester GEAR BOX
S/No 30763
Chassis SF5-008641
Engine EJ20-900901
Toyota Funcargo GEAR BOX
S/No 30661
Chassis NCP20-0328768
Engine 2NZ-2955655
Toyota Premio GEAR BOX
S/No 30612
Engine 1ZZ-1256369
Toyota Sienta GEAR BOX
S/No 30537
Chassis NCP81-0014259
Engine 1NZ-A964662
Subaru Forester GEAR BOX
S/No 30376
Chassis SF5-008856