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Toyota Mark II ENGINE
S/No 47894
Chassis GX110-
Engine 1G-7033630
Toyota Corolla Runx ENGINE
S/No 47888
Chassis NZE121-
Engine 1NZ-C075764
Toyota Toyoace ENGINE
S/No 47882
Chassis BU306-
Engine 14B-1644465
Toyota Nadia ENGINE
S/No 47875
Chassis SXN10-
Engine 3S-7915190 D4
S/No 47868
Chassis NCP61-0085338
Engine 1NZ-B260294
S/No 47860
Chassis RD5-1252618
Engine K20A-4107230
Toyota Land Cruiser ENGINE
S/No 47851
Chassis BJ71-
Engine 15B-1689659
Toyota Ipsum ENGINE
S/No 47844
Chassis ACM21-
Engine 2AZ-0706671
Toyota Wish ENGINE
S/No 47837
Chassis ZNE14-
Engine 1ZZ-0958721
Mazda Verisa ENGINE
S/No 47831
Chassis DC5W-
Engine ZY-310544
Toyota Belta ENGINE
S/No 47825
Chassis SCP92-1051569
Engine 2SZ-2241971
Honda Fit/Aria ENGINE
S/No 47819
Chassis GE6-1120270
Engine L13A-4131832
Toyota Rav4 ENGINE
S/No 47804
Chassis ACA21-0193600
Engine 1AZ-4328021 D4.. 4X4
Toyota Noah ENGINE
S/No 47780
Chassis AZR60-0228328
Engine 1AZ-4633843
Nissan March ENGINE
S/No 47775
Chassis K11-
Engine CG10-366118B
S/No 47767
Chassis SCP90-5056711
Engine 2SZ-1732563
Toyota Land Cruiser ENGINE
S/No 47759
Chassis BJ71-
Engine 15B-1626025
Toyota Vitz - Yaris ENGINE
S/No 47750
Chassis SCP10-0275311
Engine 1SZ-0672458
Nissan X-Trail ENGINE
S/No 47744
Chassis NT30-121888
Engine QR20-457838A
Mazda Axela ENGINE
S/No 47734
Chassis BKEP-
Engine LF-387174
Toyota Platz ENGINE
S/No 47727
Chassis NCP12-0241960
Engine 1NZ-2208668
S/No 47720
Chassis NCP60-0141063
Engine 2NZ-3021461
Toyota Vitz - Yaris ENGINE
S/No 47713
Chassis SCP90-
Engine 2SZ-1881737
Toyota Funcargo ENGINE
S/No 47706
Chassis NCP20-0341312
Engine 2NZ-3096889
Engine is defined as a central heart of an automobile vehicle which has a core function of transforming heat energy into mechanical energy for the purpose of propulsion. It provides a driving force of a vehicle by the throttle body which is the part of an air intake system and is located between the air filter box and intake manifold.
Automobile Engine is mainly categorized into thermal engine which includes external combustion engine, internal combustion engine, as well as electrical and physical engine. The External Combustion Engine is a heat engine which generates heat by burning of fuel which is typically used to convert water into steam. It is normally used in locomotive, ships, and electric power generation. Internal Combustion Engine provides fossil fuel combustion inside the engine cylinder and generates high pressure and temperature. It is generally used in automobile industries and electric power production.
The core benefits of Internal Combustion Engine are high efficiency, compact space, less cost, and high volatile fuel. The internal combustion engine mainly consists of 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke engine. Some other variations are reciprocating piston engine, rotary engine, diesel engine, gasoline engine, and electric engine. The In-line engine and V-type engine are also popularly demanding IC Engines in modern contemporary hybrid vehicles.