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Toyota Vitz - Yaris ENGINE
S/No 45116
Chassis KSP90
Engine 1KR-0564549
Toyota Funcargo ENGINE
S/No 44402
Chassis NCP21-0062107
Mazda Demio ENGINE
S/No 44301
Chassis DY5W-105265
Engine ZY-205197
Toyota Funcargo ENGINE
S/No 44236
Chassis NCP20-0266652
Engine 2NZ-2366327
Volkswagen Polo ENGINE
S/No 44168
Chassis WVWZZZ9NZ4U024572
Engine BBY-363879
Nissan Liberty ENGINE
S/No 44086
Chassis RM12-012243
Engine QR20-008553A
Toyota Mark II ENGINE
S/No 43942
Chassis GX110-6014297
Engine 1G-6842640
Volkswagen Polo ENGINE
S/No 43613
Chassis WVWZZZ6NZ1D075419
Engine AHW-332390
S/No 43560
Engine DA220-643053
Toyota Allex ENGINE
S/No 43522
Chassis NZE121-0023751
Engine 1NZ-A126362
Toyota Wish ENGINE
S/No 43509
Chassis ZNE10-0338438
Engine 1ZZ-2758817
S/No 43496
Chassis C11-020953
Engine HR15-034908
Toyota Raum ENGINE
S/No 43422
Chassis NCZ20
Engine 1NZ-A837248
Honda Fit/Aria ENGINE
S/No 43412
Chassis GD8
Engine L15A-4003398
Volkswagen Golf ENGINE
S/No 43401
Chassis WVWZZZ1KZ6W582127
Engine BVY-015473
S/No 43371
Chassis LW5W-204115
Engine GY-326280
Toyota Wish ENGINE
S/No 43358
Chassis ANE10
Engine 1AZ-5124462
Nissan Bluebird Sylphy ENGINE
S/No 43344
Chassis KG11
Engine MR20-130164A
Nissan X-Trail ENGINE
S/No 43315
Chassis NT30
Engine QR20-664430A
Mazda Verisa ENGINE
S/No 43301
Chassis DC5W-333193
Engine ZY-560639
Toyota Regius ENGINE
S/No 43281
Chassis RCH47-0001019
Engine 3RZ-1323528
Toyota Altezza ENGINE
S/No 43268
Chassis SXE10-0004156
Engine 3S-9380389
Nissan Presage ENGINE
S/No 43238
Chassis U30-007173
Engine KA24-1479670
Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter ENGINE
S/No 43027
Chassis FK102
Engine 6DS7-201473
Engine is defined as a central heart of an automobile vehicle which has a core function of transforming heat energy into mechanical energy for the purpose of propulsion. It provides a driving force of a vehicle by the throttle body which is the part of an air intake system and is located between the air filter box and intake manifold.
Automobile Engine is mainly categorized into thermal engine which includes external combustion engine, internal combustion engine, as well as electrical and physical engine. The External Combustion Engine is a heat engine which generates heat by burning of fuel which is typically used to convert water into steam. It is normally used in locomotive, ships, and electric power generation. Internal Combustion Engine provides fossil fuel combustion inside the engine cylinder and generates high pressure and temperature. It is generally used in automobile industries and electric power production.
The core benefits of Internal Combustion Engine are high efficiency, compact space, less cost, and high volatile fuel. The internal combustion engine mainly consists of 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke engine. Some other variations are reciprocating piston engine, rotary engine, diesel engine, gasoline engine, and electric engine. The In-line engine and V-type engine are also popularly demanding IC Engines in modern contemporary hybrid vehicles.